Unhinged Kelowna driver who smashed police vehicle sent to prison

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KELOWNA – The posting on the Kelowna man’s 苏州美甲纹绣培训 page stated: “I’d like to see the cops try to pull me over again. LOL This time I’m a smash and dash.”

Eight days later, that’s what happened.

On November 26th, Kelowna RCMP received a report of people in a car acting suspiciously in the parking lot of the welfare office.

When an officer approached the vehicle, the driver refused to provide identification and registration papers.

He then backed into the police SUV three times and sped away, almost striking the officer, who a witness says is “lucky to be alive”.


With the help of an anonymous tip, police later found their suspect hiding in a closet in a Rutland home.

His crumpled car, with the vehicle identification numbers removed, was stashed in a grove of trees in the back yard.

John Charles Dunn, 31, has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, mischief over $5000 and two counts of breach of probation.

His lawyer says Dunn became unhinged after the government obtained a court order to take custody of his four children as Dunn was not properly caring for them.

Michael Kennedy told the judge Dunn felt beaten down and paranoid. “This is not the action of an individual who is thinking rationally.”

Dunn was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment less 112 days credit for time spent in custody since his arrest.

He’s also on probation for 18 months.

Dunn apologized for his actions, saying he wants to become a church pastor after his release from jail.

In June, Dunn used a black, marker pen to deface the war memorial cenotaph in City Park with graffiti.

He was on probation for that offense when he smashed the police vehicle.

With the repair bill for the SUV estimated at almost $15,000, it was taken out of service.

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