Man falls asleep during Uber ride, wakes up to $171 bill

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A man in Washington D.C. recently fell asleep during an Uber ride, only to wake up two hours later to a bill for $171.

“I felt kind of like, violated to be honest. Not to be dramatic but it was just like – I was asleep for two hours,” Mekele Baucom told NBC4 News.

Baucom ordered an Uber ride around 2:00 a.m. on February 5 and was headed home, about a kilometre and a half away.



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    He says he told the driver the destination, but didn’t enter it into the Uber app. Baucom also said that he had not been drinking and simply fell asleep.

    He then dozed through the ride which went on for two hours and six minutes, covering about 115 kilometres.

    “Honestly it makes me feel uneasy because it’s just like what were you doing – like I mean to really be dramatic you could’ve been like taking pictures of me, you could’ve been having other people in the car, you could’ve been stopping at other places. I literally don’t know what you were doing and it’s like that just makes me feel a little uncomfortable. “

    NBC4 News contacted Uber over Baucom’s story and got a written response stating that “Uber expects riders and drivers alike to have a shared standard for respect, accountability and common courtesy during rides.”

    Uber didn’t answer questions over driver policy should a passenger fall asleep.

    The ride-sharing company has refunded Baucom his money.

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