Nelly Furtado’s anthem rendition gets mixed reviews on social media

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The NBA All-Star Weekend festivities may be over but the country is still talking about Nelly Furtado’s version of the National anthem.

Furtado came out with flautist Tony Duncan before the All-Star game to perform an unusual version of “O Canada.”

Fans on social media slammed the performance, asking “what country’s anthem was it?”

Just listened to that national anthem Nelly Furtado sang last night. Very nice but what country’s anthem was it?

— Ron Holmes (@RonBHolmes2nd) February 15, 2016

Nelly Furtado was great but when is someone singing the Canadian National Anthem? #NBAAllStarTO

— Don Tapscott (@dtapscott) February 15, 2016

Others called it the worst play of the game.

On behalf of Canadians everywhere, we’d like to nominate Nelly Furtado’s version of our great anthem as the worst play of day @TSN_Sports

— Ian Esplen (@IanEsplen) February 15, 2016

Though some people praised the signer, the majority of reviews weren’t positive.

I love Nelly Furtado!! #NBAAllStarGame

— Ponder On That (@PonderOnThat) February 15, 2016

Listening to Nelly Furtado sing “Oh Canada” @ #NBAAllStarTO like: pic.twitter广州桑拿网/NHsWyfREyw

— Dan Hanna (@UCDan) February 15, 2016

I missed Nelly Furtado singing the national anthem, but 广州蒲友’s play-by-play was more entertaining by the sounds of it haha #NBAAllStarTO

— Lauren O’Neil (@laurenonizzle) February 15, 2016

My girl Nelly Furtado just nailed the national anthem at the NBA Allstar game! #NBAAllStarTO

— Christopher Blair (@docchrisblair) February 15, 2016

Although Ne-Yo did great. Nelly Furtado was not.

— neil dijgrasse tyson (@dijalbert) February 15, 2016

Nelly Furtado should have her Canadian citizenship revoked for her rendition of the Canadian anthem #NBAAllStarTO

— Nick In ParkEx (@NickInParkEx) February 15, 2016

Here’s a look at some other anthem renditions that didn’t go as planned.

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Button battery removed from Toronto-area girl’s throat after being lodged for 4 days

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Christina and Michael Smith are breathing a sigh of relief.

Their little two-year-old daughter is recovering at Sick Kids hospital, but the ordeal they had to go through over the last few days to find out what was wrong with their daughter was a complete nightmare.

A week ago, they noticed Katie was gagging. She had been eating crackers and her parents thought she may have one lodged in her throat. After about an hour, the Ajax couple took their daughter to their local hospital.


They tell Global News doctors checked her throat, airways, and ears, but found no signs of an infection.

However Katie’s symptoms persisted – she was not able to eat, could not swallow, had a distinctive odour to her breath, and was very lethargic. Her parents took her to a walk-in clinic where they were told she may have the flu.

But after a number of doctor visits and a great deal of persistence, an x-ray was finally performed. What it showed shocked Katie’s parents.

The toddler had swallowed a button battery the size of a nickel. It had been in her esophagus for four days. Katie was immediately rushed to Sick Kids hospital to have it removed.

Doctor’s there found the battery had burned through the outer lining of Katie’s esophagus.

“Batteries around any children are not safe, especially little toddlers, they are always putting things in their mouth. You cannot keep your eye on them 24/7 but if you know there is something wrong go with your gut instincts, your parental instincts. Do not let up until you get the answers that your need,” Christina Smith told Global News.

According to Health Canada, there are approximately 65 cases a year of children being rushed to the hospital because they have swallowed a button battery.

In as little as two hours, the alkaline from the battery can start to eat away at the esophagus or any part of the inner body it comes into contact with.

The burning can cause internal bleeding and can be fatal.

Health experts recommend if you think your child may have swallowed a battery to immediately take them to the hospital, do not let them eat or drink, and do not induce vomiting until they have received medical attention.

Button batteries can be found in certain children’s toys, remote controls, singing greeting cards and balloons, children’s books that make sounds, small electronics, and hearing aid devices.

Katie’s parents say they are not sure how she got hold of a button battery. Michael Smith, Katie’s father says he works with electronics and has some of these types of batteries in his garage, however, he does not bring them inside the house.

“As far as where she got it, we have not idea … but we are going to take stock of all the toys that she has, and go through anything and see if it came from one of them,” Michael said.

Katie is expected to make a full recovery.

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‘Why ruin someone else’s art?’ Montreal artist disappointed after vandal defaces her mural

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Story highlights

A Montreal artist said she was shocked to see that someone tagged her mural in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

MONTREAL – Chantal Larivière couldn’t believe it when she won a 2009 competition to paint a mural to honour Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough.

But her happiness turned to disappointment last Thursday when her boyfriend noticed that someone had drawn all over her artwork.

READ MORE: Price tag for Pointe-Claire’s new mural upsets residents

“I was very disappointed when I saw what they had done to my mural,” Larivière told Global News.

“I had posted it on 广州桑拿网. The comments and support from a lot of people is touching.”

Larivière said the mural, located on Ontario Est and Nicolet streets near the Olympic Stadium, was a huge source of pride.

Graffiti covers Chantal Larivière’s artwork on Ontario Street Est in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Monday, February 15, 2016.

Chantal Larivière

The “Pignons à vue” contest was commissioned by organization Y’A Quelqu’Un L’Autre Bord Du Mur (YQQ) to celebrate the borough’s 125th anniversary.

It’s part of a greater artistic project to revitalise the area, which is often known to have a bad reputation.

“I have nothing against other artists who express themselves through graffiti, but why ruin someone else’s art?” she asked.

“[It’s] really disappointing.”

Chantal Larivière’s artwork to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Chantal Larivière

Though Larivière admits she may not be well-versed in the world of street art, there needs to be some form of mutual respect for other artists.

“I was just so upset,” she said.

“[I hope] these graffiti artists realize that if they want to be recognized as artists they have to stop this kind of vandalism. It’s just not right.”

[email protected]广州桑拿网
Follow @rachel_lau



    Price tag for Pointe-Claire’s new mural upsets residents

    Pointe-Claire murals

    Pointe-Claire mural turns heads and creates a celebrity

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Feds can’t overlook health risks of Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion: experts

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Asthma, cancer, fire and contaminated water sources are among the risks to Canadians the federal government needs to consider before approving the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion.


That’s the warning from a group of doctors as well as a new report examining what can go wrong with pipelines, and the disastrous effects they can have on the health of people and on the environment.

READ MORE: Alberta names its price for a federal tax on carbon: Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

“The Kinder Morgan pipeline would not only double the number of fuel storage tanks creating an unacceptable risk to peoples’ health from fire, but a rupture or spill could spread toxins into the community, causing acute and long term health effects from asthma to cancer,” said Dr. Tim Takaro, a doctor and professor at Simon Fraser University, in the release.

“The cumulative health impacts of the Kinder Morgan pipeline need to be evaluated, and not by the company, before any rational decision can be made.”

The pipeline snakes its way from Edmonton to Burnaby, on the B.C. coast, going through a number of communities along the way. The proposed expansion would triple the pipeline’s capacity to 900,000 barrels a day, and cost $6.8 billion.

WATCH: Global News’ ongoing coverage of the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

NEB recommends conditional acceptance of pipeline


NEB recommends conditional acceptance of pipeline


Trans Mountain pipeline gets conditional approval


National Energy Board recommends Trans Mountain pipeline plan approval


National Energy Board say Trans Mountain pipeline plan wouldn’t cause significant adverse environment effects


National Energy Board lists important benefits to Canada from Trans Mountain pipeline plane


National Energy Board says indigenous groups were factored into decision to recommend pipeline

“This project comes with a significant risk of accidents,” the report states.

“And Kinder Morgan’s existing pipeline is no stranger to accidents: 82 reported spills since 1961, which translates to over 6 million litres released into British Columbia’s environment.”

TIMELINE: Key dates in history of the Trans Mountain pipeline

The pipeline will transport diluted bitumen, called dilbit. A type of heavy crude oil, dilbit contains various toxicants, some of which are classified as Group 1 carcinogens “with no known safe threshold of exposure,” the report states.

The expansion also puts into jeopardy the health of dozens of First Nations communities, 61 of which are opposed to the expansion.

A map of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline is seen in the foreground of this file photo.


The Salish Sea will see a seven-fold spike in oil tankers, according to the report, with the project generating 14 to 17 megatonnes of carbon in upstream emissions.

“Globally, the World Health Organization asserts climate change is the biggest human health threat of our time, but climate change was not considered in Kinder Morgan’s review process,” the report states.

READ MORE: City of Vancouver files court challenge of Trans Mountain pipeline

Trans Mountain said health and safety of the communities along the pipeline is its “top priority,” in an email to Global News.

“As part of our proposed expansion, Trans Mountain conducted Human Health Risk Assessments and provided extensive evidence to the National Energy Board about the nature and extent of possible health impacts as a result of the project and project-related marine traffic,” said Ali Hounsell, Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

FULL COVERAGE: Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

The board was satisfied with Trans Mountain’s evaluation of the expansion’s effect on human health, in line with recommendations of safe exposure limits set by authorities such as Health Canada and the US EPA, Hounsell said.

“The board determined that additional assessment is not required.”

“The board also concluded that for the construction of the Project and for routine operation of the pipeline, pump stations and tank terminals, adverse health effects would not be expected.”

In May, the National Energy Board gave the project approval, subject to 157 conditions.

A federal panel was created to consult with Canadians in 10 communities on the pipeline; more than 35,000 people submitted feedback on the expansion via an online questionnaire. The panel is due to submit its report to the minister of natural resources by Nov. 1, and the Trudeau government is expected to make its final decision on the project by Dec. 19.

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Locally grown and consumed food becoming more popular in Regina

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REGINA – Imagine packing your grocery basket with produce and meats, all from Saskatchewan, and not having to actually step inside a grocery store.

“We’re trying to be the grocery store.”

That’s the business model for Andrew Rathwell’s home-delivery grocery service, Local & Fresh.

“Local & Fresh was born as a way to make it more easy to eat local and not have to choose food from a big box or food from the big [North American food] system,” Rathwell added.


That big North American system came under fire this week after a listeria outbreak stemming from an American food producer provoked a massive 400 product frozen food recall.

READ MORE: Massive frozen food recall affects over 400 products from many stores

“It affects so many people because of the size and scale of how their producing that food,” Rathwell explained.

It’s one of the reasons many residents have turned to food sourced locally.

“Over the course of the past two years, we’ve been doubling [business]” Rathwell said.

However,  the growth is also happening – in gardens all over Regina.

“There’s nothing like having your own fresh vegetables, especially potatoes and peas,” Gardener Lori Christie says.

At Regina’s community gardens, lots for planting individual gardens don’t come easy. Gardeners say those who want a lot have to put their name on a list as early as January.

Many also say it’s due to more people preferring a more hands-on approach when it comes to food.

“I actually don’t buy any frozen stuff, I can and freeze all peas and beans,” Christie acknowledged.

Knowing where your food comes from is a major motivator for eating locally according to Rathwell, who also admits the ultimate motivator is simply the taste.

“When you eat local and fresh, the taste is amazing.”

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‘I have won the lottery’: Cancer patient credits Calgary clinical trial for her remission

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Millions of dollars are raised every year for cancer research and much of it is spent right here in Calgary, funding clinical trials which can provide some hope to patients fighting an often hopeless disease.“I was told I would be able to live with it for a very long time unless it went crazy,” said Sharon Neufeld, who was diagnosed with Leukemia. “I got progressively sicker; my earrings sat on my lymph nodes, I was exhausted all the time, difficult time with food.”



    Alberta cancer lab closure ‘life and death matter,’ says former Tom Baker doctor

    Tories under fire for Tom Baker cancer centre delays

    Staff shortage at Tom Baker Cancer Centre lengthens waits for care

    Then her doctor told her that she qualified for a clinical trial with a new experimental drug.“He said, ‘on the one hand you have this horrible thing going on, here is a large bucket full of hope,’” she said.Neufeld went in with very low expectations, but after just three weeks, noticed astounding results while working in her garden.“I wasn’t tired after that first square foot, so I began digging another and another, until the whole darn garden was dug out. I went in and I wasn’t exhausted. It took me over a week to think ‘wait a minute, maybe this is the drug,” she said, laughing. “All of a sudden I was in the middle of having a life. It was quite astonishing.”As many as 120 clinical trials are done at Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre every year, involving 550 patients. The goal is to offer the trials to as many as 1,000 patients per year.“Every treatment that we offer to patients currently is based on clinical trials that have been done in the last 20 years,” said Dr. Gwyn Bebb, director of Clinical Trials Unit at the centre. “None of the treatment options we have today would have been possible without investigators, pharmaceutical companies, patients to tell us that these treatments are better than the ones we had before.”But not everyone sees results like Neufeld’s; in fact, in the majority of clinical trials, the experimental treatment is not found to be better.“Yes, it is frustrating and sometimes disheartening to see all this effort going into improving outcomes and not being successful very quickly,” Bebb said.Despite low success rates, researchers charge ahead.“They offer hope now for patients that they might get lucky in a way and for patients who come after them, I think that’s important,” Bebb said.Neufeld said she feels like the poster girl for clinical trials. While not everyone will be as lucky, she said it’s worth it to at least volunteer and try.“I would probably qualify as being in total remission,” she said, laughing. “I just love saying that.”May 20 is recognized as international clinical trials day, commemorating the date that surgeon James Lind began his trials into the causes of Scurvy back in 1747.

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Make-A-Wish grants teen brain cancer survivor’s wish in Saskatoon

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It’s been just over a year since 15-year-old Jacob Lesperance’s life changed forever.

“It was just like a normal day at school and I just sort of blacked out on the floor,” said Jacob Lesperance.

Doctors found the Moose Jaw, Sask., teen had stage four brain cancer and needed surgery to save his life.

Jacob’s mom Michelle Lesperance said doctors originally thought her son might have been on drugs because of his dizzied nature, but head scans showed that was not the case.



  • Family with daughter in hospital wins $1.6M Home Lottery showhome

  • ‘It’s where the most miracles happen’: a story of hope in the NICU

  • Love and loss, a Saskatoon couple shares their NICU story

    “Your son has a mandarin orange-size brain tumor and needs to be flown to Saskatoon immediately,” said Michelle Lesperance, recounting what the doctors told her.

    READ MORE: ‘Makin’ It Happen’ triathlon held in memory of passionate volunteer

    Doctors warned Michelle that Jacob was in life-threatening condition and the outcome didn’t look good.

    “They told me he might not make it through the plane ride,” said Michelle Lesperance.

    But he did. He also survived two brain surgeries, rounds of radiation and chemotherapy.

    On Friday afternoon, Saskatoon Make-A-Wish granted Jacob’s wish, a Best Buy shopping spree.

    “It’s been really exciting. Just being able to have this happen. Honestly, our family never really had that much money to get this much stuff,” said Jacob.

    He was also surprised with a few more things including limo service to and from Preston Best Buy, dinner at his favorite restaurant and a stay at the Radisson Hotel downtown.

    “I was like, wow, because that was literally my first time being in a hotel,” said Jacob.

    Jacob loves electronics and picked out a new flat screen television, laptop, PlayStation and games.

    His friends from school and the hospital made the trip to support him.

    Jacob’s mom says the day was even more special because in March the family received the news they’d been praying for.

    “On March 8, he got a follow up MRI and on March 18 we found out he was cancer free,” said Michelle Lesperance.

    Jacob is Saskatchewan’s fourth Make-A-Wish granted this year.

    “We hope during wish day we can bring them hope, strength and joy. Let them just forget about their medical condition, being in the hospital and treatments. Just let them enjoy, be happy and be a kid again,” said Allyson Wall, Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan regional manager.

    Jacob will continue to have follow-up appointments until 2021, but for now he is most looking forward to going back to school in the fall and completing Grade 9.

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CP Rail installs locked gate at Kicking Horse River in Golden

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A proposed solution between CP Rail and the provincial government over an entry point to Kicking Horse River for rafters in Golden, B.C. appears to have fallen apart, just one day before whitewater rafting season begins.


Today, a locked gate was installed at the entry to the lower canyon of Kicking Horse River by CP Rail, who says the provincial government has reversed a key part of an agreement-in-principle that allowed rafting companies to keep crossing the tracks.

“CP had agreed to offer a short-term solution for rafting companies and the community of Golden to enjoy a safe and successful 2016 rafting season while potential longer-term solutions were weighed by all stakeholders,” wrote CP in a statement.

“Among other key components of the agreement-in-principle, the Province agreed to assume the risks associated with any safety-related incident arising directly from this special access for rafters. CP is disappointed that it was informed by the provincial government Friday afternoon of its reversal in position.”

The dispute began earlier this year when CP said it was ordered by Transport Canada to solve the problem of many people crossing the railway to raft the Lower Canyon route of the Kicking Horse River — considered the jewel of Golden’s whitewater rafting industry.

READ MORE: CP Rail blocking Golden whitewater raft groups from popular run

“Given the track curvature and sightlines, the risk to the public is too great,” said CP in March, explaining why it originally decided to ban all traffic this year.

“CP understands the frustration that the community may have regarding this issue. CP had attempted to find a solution that would allow rafters to cross safely and legally, but unfortunately, there is no solution that will meet CP’s legal, risk and regulatory requirements.”

But a month later, after an outcry from the town of Golden and a concerted push by local and provincial politicians, it appeared a compromise had been reached for this year while the two sides worked on a longer-term solution.

Now, three days after a cryptic note from the provincial government — in which Transportation Minister Todd Stone said “time is of the essence…to work out a solution” — it appears that deal is dead.

Norm Macdonald, the NDP MLA for Columbia River-Revelstoke, put the blame squarely on CP Rail.

“I hold CP Rail directly responsible for this fiasco,” he wrote in a statement.

“There may be attempts to cast blame on other parties, but I reject that. CP Rail came to my community and made a clear promise. Today, with the refusal to allow access to the Lower Canyon for training, they have broken that promise, and that is simply unacceptable to this community.”

For their part, the provincial government also criticized CP Rail, saying they have “made it abundantly clear that [they are] unwilling to be a reasonable partner.”

“We urge CP Rail to reconsider its position as a result, given the significant economic impacts this closure will have on the community. ͞The Province recognizes the value of tourism to Golden and the region and respectfully requests that CP come back to the table to find a solution.”

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Despite the frigid conditions, NBA All-Star Game a hit

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TORONTO – When the players cleared the court at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday night, the NBA all-star fun continued.

Cheerleaders and just about anybody else with a pass that got them down there crowded onto the hardwood for photo ops or just to savour the moment.

All-star weekend is a party. The game is secondary. And like most good parties, nobody wants to leave.



    NBA All-Star Weekend events: Slam dunks and more still on schedule

    2016 Slam Dunk competition has some people calling it ‘best ever’

    For those keeping count, the West won 196-173 in a game that erased the existing all-star records for most points by one team (163) and total points by two teams (321). Defence had been left at the border.

    While Kobe Bryant waved goodbye, a new generation of NBA stars showed off their party tricks.

    West coach Gregg Popovich called the all-star experience “a joy.”

    “It’s the most fun I’ve ever had at an all-star game just because of the predominant group of the young talented kids coming up like the new stars and watching them interact with each other was a thrill for me,” said the veteran San Antonio Spurs coach.

    MORE: Bryant leaves All-Star Game as winner, West cruises to win

    “We had fun at practice the other day. They’re just a fun-loving group and they enjoy each other, as much as they enjoy the game. So it was a lot of fun for me. And dinner at night wasn’t bad either.”

    Watching the week, one had to marvel at the NBA which invaded the city like a horde of Visigoths. From charity functions to player appearances, the league pulled out all the stops.

    Sting did his part, delivering a solid halftime show, albeit one that might not hit the NBA’s younger fans.

    Despite the frigid weather, Toronto showed its heart when it comes to hoops.

    “I think everybody got the feel of the energy that we witness every single night when we play as Raptors players,” said Toronto forward DeMar DeRozan, who helped demonstrate that with several highlight-reel dunks. “I think all the guys really got insight on how in-tune the city of Toronto and all of Canada is to basketball.”

    Added teammate Kyle Lowry: “Toronto, I think we put ourselves on the map a little bit around the world.”

    Perhaps, but this weekend is unlikely to boost future travel to Toronto in February given the Ice Station Zebra conditions. Not that February was a high-volume month for tourists to start with.

    While the weather was a topic on everyone’s chapped lips, the all-star game produced plenty of other storylines.

    MORE: Nelly Furtado’s anthem rendition gets mixed reviews on social media


    NBA All-Star Weekend highlights growth of sport in Canada


    Kobe Bryant, other NBA All-Stars excited to be part of festivities


    Global National
    Toronto plays host to NBA All-Star Game

    There was Bryant’s all-star farewell, Russell Westbrook’s back-to-back MVPs after a 31-point outing and Paul George’s 41-point performance, one off Wilt Chamberlain’s league record. Given George’s long road back from a horrific leg injury, it was a pity he did not get the trophy.

    “It would have been a special moment to win it. But really, it was really just about coming here and just enjoying being with these guys, man, and having a good showing,” George said.

    Saturday night’s skills competition was a doozy with Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon raising the bar on big air and originality. Even the skills challenge was entertaining as the bigs took on the guards.

    Drake gave Torontonians a reason to puff out their chests.

    “This is the best game with the best players, finally in the best city in the world,” he said as he introduced the players.

    And there was validation from LeBron James.

    “Thanks for welcoming our league with open and warm arms,” he said of Toronto and Canada. “Even though the weather wasn’t as warm, the arms and the love from everyone here has been well-received.

    “Toronto did a hell of a job of putting on a show, and it was an honour,” he added.

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2 hospitals, school destroyed in ‘targeted’ airstrikes in Syria

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Airstrikes hit two hospitals and a school in northern Syria, killing and wounding dozens of people on Monday, according to opposition activists, who said the strikes were carried out by Russian warplanes supporting a major advance by government troops.


An airstrike in the province of Idlib destroyed a makeshift clinic supported by the international aid group Doctors Without Borders, while in the neighbouring Aleppo province, a missile struck a children’s hospital in the town of Azaz, killing at least five people and wounding dozens. A third air raid hit a school in a nearby village, killing seven and wounding others.

Doctors Without Borders – also known by its French acronym MSF – said in a statement that the hospital in the town of Maaret al-Numan was hit four times in at least two attacks that were minutes apart. It said at least seven people were killed and at least eight others were “missing, presumed dead.”

“This appears to be a deliberate attack on a health structure, and we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms,” said Massimiliano Rebaudengo, MSF’s mission chief. “The destruction of the hospital leaves the local population of around 40,000 people without access to medical services in an active zone of conflict.”

The aid group said the hospital had 30 beds, 54 staff members, two operating theatres, an outpatients department and an emergency room. MSF has been supporting the hospital since September and covered all its needs, including providing medical supplies and running costs, it said.

READ MORE: Canada’s new ISIS mission undermines the coalition: Fisher

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Russian warplanes targeted the makeshift hospital, destroying it and killing nine people. The opposition group, which tracks both sides of the conflict through sources on the ground, said dozens were wounded in the attack.

Syrian troops have been advancing in the north under the cover of Russian airstrikes in recent weeks. The offensive has been focused on Aleppo province, where troops are trying to cut rebel supply lines to Turkey and surround rebel-held parts of Aleppo city, once Syria’s largest.

On Monday, Syrian state TV reported that pro-government gunmen have entered western parts of the northern town of Tel Rifaat, where they were fighting “fierce battles’ against insurgents. Tel Rifaat is a major stronghold of militants fighting to overthrow President Bashar Assad.

Opposition activist Yahya al-Sobeih, speaking by phone from Maaret al-Numan, said “the entire building has collapsed on the ground. He said five people were killed near the MSF clinic and “all members of the medical team inside are believed to be dead.”

WATCH: Syrian activist gets shockingly close view of helicopter airstrike in Daraya on Sunday

Paramedics and volunteers were working on removing the rubble, he added. The four-story building was once a cement company, but had served as a makeshift clinic during the war, al-Sobeih said.

The missile attack in Azaz, near the Turkish border, killed five people at the hospital, including three children and a pregnant woman, and wounded more than 30, the Observatory said. Activist Bahaa al-Halaby, who is based in the northern city of Aleppo, said the hospital was struck by a missile, and that 10 people were killed.

Abdulrahman Al-Hassan, chief liaison officer at the Syrian Civil Defence, a group of first responders known as the “White Helmets,” said the women’s hospital in Azaz was hit by two surface-to-surface missiles. He added that some 10 people were killed and many were wounded.

“We think it is Russia because the photos of the missiles have Russian language (and) because we haven’t seen this kind (of missiles) before the Russian intervention,” he said.

WATCH: Aftermath of alleged missile strike on hospital in Azaz, Syria

Russia has been a key ally of Assad throughout the five-year uprising and civil war, and began launching airstrikes to support his forces on Sept. 30.

In Turkey, the private Dogan news agency reported that more than 30 of those wounded in Russian airstrikes in Azaz, primarily children, were transferred to a hospital in southern Turkey. It showed footage of ambulances arriving at the Kilis State hospital, medics unloading children on stretchers and a girl wrapped in a blanket.

“They hit the school, they hit the school,” wailed a Syrian woman who was unloaded from an ambulance onto a wheelchair.

The Observatory and al-Halaby said an air raid struck a school in the village of Kaljibrin, near Azaz. Al-Halaby said the raid killed seven people and wounded others. The Observatory said five were killed.

READ MORE: Diplomats aim for temporary Syria truce in a week

Meanwhile in Brussels, European Union officials on Monday called on Turkey to halt its military action in Syria after Turkish forces shelled positions held by a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia over the weekend.

The EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said that “only a few days ago, all of us including Turkey, sitting around the table, decided steps to de-escalate and have a cessation of hostilities.”

She said more fighting “is obviously not what we expect.”

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders, whose country holds the EU’s rotating presidency, said “we have the plan for a cessation of hostilities and I think everybody has to abide by that.”

Syria’s main Kurdish faction, the People’s Protection Units or YPG, has been highly effective in combating the Islamic State group, but Turkey views it as a threat because of its ties to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, which has waged a decades-long insurgency against Ankara.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Monday said the cross-border shelling has succeeded in halting a Kurdish advance on Azaz and vowed the “harshest reaction” if the YPG march on the town again.

Kurdish-led forces had recently gained ground along the border with Turkey at the expense of Syrian rebels, who have been struggling to hold ground amid the massive Russian-backed government offensive.

Also Monday, Syria’s pro-government Al-Ikhbariya TV said one of its correspondents was wounded in a missile attack in the coastal province of Latakia. It said journalist Mazem Mohammed was in stable conditions.



Associated Press writers Lorne Cook in Brussels and Dominique Soguel in Istanbul contributed to this report.

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UPDATE: Head on crash in Peachland kills Sicamous man

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UPDATE: One person is dead and another is in critical condition following a head-on collision on Highway 97 in Peachland.

The collision occurred at around 6 p.m. Monday near Brent Road where a white Pontiac SUV crossed the centre line and collided with an oncoming cube van.

The driver of the SUV, a 33-year-old Sicamous man, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the cube van, an unidentified woman from Penticton, was rushed to hospital where she remains in critical but stable condition.


RCMP say poor weather may have been a factor leading up to the crash.

“It was raining heavily which also affected visibility,” says Cst. Steve Holmes of the Kelowna Municipal Traffic Services. “Though police are not yet able to confirm exactly what led to this tragic crash, the RCMP’s Traffic Analyst conducted a thorough scene investigation which may give us more insights once the analysis is complete.”

RCMP are looking for witnesses to the crash.

The name of the Sicamous man has not been released.

Original story

PEACHLAND, B.C. – A three vehicle accident shut down Highway 97 south of Peachland Monday at 6:15 p.m.

Emergency responders who arrived at the crash reported seeing a 5-tonne truck and two other vehicles involved in the collision.

An air ambulance was called to the scene above Brent Road. At least one victim was said to have life threatening injuries, with occupants of the truck looked to be trapped, according to emergency reports from the scene.

Traffic was stopped in both directions as emergency crews worked on clearing the accident.

A single-direction alternating detour on Brent Road helped clear traffic, but motorists were still backed up in both directions hours after the crash.

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City and RCMP to crack down on roadside panhandlers in Kelowna

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KELOWNA – They’re often standing on medians at busy intersections holding up signs and asking for money from motorists and the City of Kelowna says there has been an increase in the number of roadside panhandlers.

“I had asked one of them if they wanted to help out on my farm and offered him $10 an hour and he said that he makes more money doing this than I could pay him and I just don’t think that’s right,” says Winfield resident Trevor Elliott.


Elliott is so annoyed with the practice that he filed complaints with the RCMP and bylaws. Despite having sympathy for their plight of panhandlers, Elliott wishes motorists would refrain from giving them money.

“There are a lot of really good citizens in Kelowna that are kind-hearted and I’ve seen them hand money but they’re actually creating a bigger problem because the more you give, the more that come,” says Elliott.

While some motorists Global News spoke to believe desperate times call for desperate measures, others are tired of pulling up to a red light and being approached by a panhandler, citing safety concerns for both themselves and for the panhandler.

Kelowna RCMP along with the city are planning to step up enforcement.

“You’ll see officers and bylaw officers working together at the intersections and enforcing these bylaws and the motor vehicle act regulations jointly, so you’ll see them in marked police vehicles and out on foot,” says Kelowna RCMP Cst. Jesse O’Donaghey.

O’Donaghey says the BC Motor Vehicle Act prohibits soliciting vehicles roadside, as well as soliciting in an aggressive manner, which carries a minimum fine amount of $109. The Safe Streets Act prohibits soliciting a person in a vehicle, which carries a fine of $86.

As part of the enforcement campaign, the city and RCMP will be asking motorists not to give money to people soliciting roadside.

“We ask motorists to consider giving to other causes such as social service agencies here in the community that work to support those panhandlers,” says O’Donaghey.

While some panhandlers acknowledge the risk to their safety, the practice continues to be a popular way to increase their income.

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